Lincoln-loving dad, skeptical son square off over 2017 Continental

Sometimes, father knows best. This reluctant admission comes after a week with the 2017 Lincoln Continental, the first Lincoln in my adult lifetime that did not make my father’s unwavering lifetime support of a once-proud premium brand seem bewildering.

The only relevant Lincoln in my mind was the series of Town Cars we used to take on family vacations when I was a kid, but that was less about the car than our grandmother in the back seat telling us dirty jokes.

With the exception of the MKX crossover (the Navigator is so overdue for a redesign that the concept is old), Dad suffered our mocking of his MKZ, the lackluster state of Lincoln, including the MKT hearse, the Mark LT pickup (no, he didn’t buy one — no one did), the paltry presence at recent auto shows, and the relative revitalization of the competition, from Buick to Volvo.

But finally, with the return of the Continental flagship full-size sedan, first launched in the WWII days and discontinued in 2002, it’s Dad’s turn to crow.